Julius Keilwerth brass serial numbers

                                     Serial numbers 10.013 - 15.000

                                         Toneking de Luxe, serial number 12369, black and gold lackered

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page 4: Keilwerth brass serial numbers 15.000 -335.308

On a separate page you'll find general information about the history of Keilwerth brass instruments  

There are serial number lists of Keilwerth saxophones around but there was no such thing for their brass instruments. Below you'll find a list of instruments and numbers that were traded through Ebay, Quoka and such, with information added from sites like Trompetenforum.de (where Brigantiumjazz triggered me to make this list), Trumpetherald.com, Trumpetmaster.com, Horn-u-copia and the Yorkmaster public pictures at Yahoo. There seems to be no relation whatsoever between the serial numbers of Keilwerth saxophones and their brass instrument serials numbers.

This serial number list of brass instruments now has more than 650 entries, that's maybe 2 percent of Keilwerth brass production. It shows a fairly continuous serie up to number 30658, with a few examples of every 1000. Then, after a few incidental Tonekings, new models show up, like the 2000 and 3000 series and the Student. The jump, first to the 100.xxx range, with mostly 'Student' instruments and then to the 200.xxx range with the 'De Luxe 2000' and 'Super de Luxe 2000' models could originate in other makers providing the instruments, as stated above. Here the gaps between the numbers are much larger. That's probably because they are part of a serial number list that includes the makers 'own' instruments as well as other stencils. And maybe also because these are newer and still with their original owners, so they down't show up on Ebay and other sites? Then there are incidental examples of the Modell AT and SX of which we don't know a number. La Sete and Hamilton instruments are integrated in this list, although they're not all made by Keilwerth, the La Sete instruments in the 15x.xxx range obviously come from Elkhart, Indiana.

Here's a graph that illustrates the development of Keilwerth serial numbers in the list below. Steady going from zero till 30.000 and then a few high scores.

serial number

instruments on list


There also are Keilwerth brass instruments known without a serial number. The trumpets without a serial number mostly have an additional bow in the main tuning slide, a feature that's seen more often on pre-war trumpets. Therefore I think these are the first Keilwerth brass instruments, before the serial numbers started. Trombones also seem to be missing a serial number quite often.

For additions and corrections: please contact me. Information about the year an (your) instrument was acquired is very helpful.


Julius Keilwerth serial numbers for brass instruments

(trumpet, trombone, cornet, flugelhorn)


serial number

type, model


(as stated by owner or seller)

remarks, engravings

(MbKG= Made by Keilwerth Germany)


(other than trumpet)

thumbnail picture

engravings picture

10013 Super de Luxe 1966 MbKG  
10111 Toneking 1970    


Toneking de Luxe






Toneking de Luxe





10366 Toneking?   MbKG valve numbers 1,2,3  
10381 Toneking      
10392 Toneking   MbKG Cornet




valve  numbers 19, 17, 16


10514 Toneking de Luxe bought  June/July 1964           (for DM 312) valve numbers 1, 2, 3  
10615 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG  


Toneking de Luxe      


Toneking de Luxe



Valve Trombone


10762 Toneking   MbKG valve numbers 1, 2, 3 Cornet  


Super de Luxe





10931 Toneking   MbKG    


10948 Toneking      
11046 Toneking ca 30 years in 2013      
11147 Toneking de Luxe end 1970    
11xxx Toneking     Cornet
11125 Toneking        


Toneking de Luxe





11277 Toneking        


Toneking de Luxe

'Ca 30 years old in 2009'









11473 Toneking   MbKG valve numbers 1,2,3,  
11547 Super de Luxe      
11577 Super de Luxe   MbKG, no name on bell    
11679 Toneking de Luxe        
11685 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG valve numbers 1,2,3    
11712 Toneking de Luxe      


De Luxe





11788 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3 J. Mollenhauer & Söhne, Fulda  
11805 Super de Luxe   MbKG Valve/slide trombone Bb
11914 Toneking   Made by Julius Keilwerth Germany Cornet    
12088 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG valve numbers 1,2,3 matted


Toneking de Luxe





12170 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG    


Toneking de Luxe





12223 Toneking de Luxe   black and gold MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3  
12311 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG    
12314 Toneking de Luxe        


Toneking de Luxe


black and gold MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3


12378 Super de Luxe   MbKG  
12379 Super de Luxe   MbKG  


Toneking de Luxe

ca 50 years in 2013





12410 Toneking Super de Luxe        
12469 Super de Luxe   MbKG  
12588 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG  
12653 Toneking de Luxe      


Toneking de Luxe





12688 Toneking de Luxe   Made by Keilwerth  
12728 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3
12812 Toneking de Luxe ca 50 years in 2013    
12899 Super de Luxe ca 1967-1968 MbKG no valve numbers  
12941 Super De Luxe   MbKG    


Toneking de Luxe





12995 Toneking de Luxe        
13057 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3  
13249 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3  
13401 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3 Hug&Cie Basel  


Toneking de Luxe


MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3



13442 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3  
13533 Toneking de Luxe        
13538 Toneking de Luxe 70's      
13539 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3    
13616 Super de Luxe 60's MbKG    
13677 Toneking de Luxe        
13686 LA Sete   MbKG valve numbers 1,2,3  
13724 Toneking de Luxe        
13774 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3  
13821 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1,2,3   xx  
13893 Toneking de Luxe      
13907 Toneking Special   black and gold MbKG round valve caps and bottoms  


Toneking Super de Luxe





13928 Toneking Super de Luxe      
14044 Toneking de Luxe 'ca 1960' but could be later..    
14134 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3  
14183 Super de Luxe purchased new from factory mid 1967 MbKG, no valve numbers
14428 no model name   MbKG  
14432 Toneking de Luxe          
14512 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG C trumpet
14720 Toneking de Luxe   MbKG, valve numbers 1, 2, 3  


Toneking de Luxe












Toneking de Luxe





page 1: Keilwerth brass serial numbers 27 - 4.999

page 1: Keilwerth brass serial numbers 5.000 - 9.999

page 2: Keilwerth brass serial numbers 15.000 -335.308

For some instrument there is a more or less reliable date of purchase know. Based on these dates the graph below is made. Note that an instrument bought at a certain time may have waited in the shop for a considerable amount of time, sometimes several years. So drawing a line between the lower dots gives an approximation of the timeline of the production of Keilwerth brass, that is the first 30.000 Keilwerth instruments, which I believe is their own production.


serial number

If you note any discrepancies, or have additional information concerning the Keilwerth history and Keilwerth brass instruments, please contact me.

Additionally, I would be grateful to anyone who owns a Keilwerth brass instrument not listed to contact me with the name, type and serial number (etc.). It would be nice to build the list also using other horns than those that are being sold.

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